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  Direct Flow Air Cleaner and Emissions Solutions After-Treatment prices must be added to Power Unit quotes.  These items are not included with any Power Unit Option.  Please contact CES or Fleetguard for current pricing information.  
  QSX15 Installation Drawings  
  The QSX15 Tier 4 Final installation drawings are now available.  They are available for both Open and Enclosed models and in PDF or DXF formats.  If you have questions, please contact Matthew Caldwell for International Distributors or Greg Totin and Jake Koningswood for North America.  
  Tier 4 Final Now Available!  
  CPP releases the QSB6.7 and QSL9 for Tier 4  

Cummins Power Products (CPP) has recently released the first designs for Tier 4. The QSB6.7 Open power unit and the QSL9 Open and Enclosed power unit are available for order from CPP.  The QSB6.7 is available in 13 different pre-configured Price Specs ranging from 190hp - 300hp.  It is available with SAE#3 and in a 12V configuration.  Installation drawings (PDF) are included as well by searching each of the Price Specs.

The QSL9 has also been released with both Open and Enclosed configurations. The 26 Price Specs available range from 260hp - 340hp with SAE#1 in 12V setups.  These units can be found, along with PDF installation drawings to assist in your work with OEMs.

Lead times for each of the units is currently at 110 days.  Contact Greg Totin, Jake Koningswood or Matthew Caldwell for assistance.

  QSB6.7-P Tier 4 - Standard Open  
  QSL9-P Tier 4 - Standard Open  
3/25/14 CPP has released new Instrument Panel options for Power Units.  Please make note of these changes:  


CPP is Ready For Tier 4 Final


Our Tier 4 Final technology solution for Power Units builds on the proven durability of our Tier 3 and Tier 4 Interim power units.   Cummins Power Products is ready with engineered solutions for your OEMs approaching the transition to Final.


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