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QSF2 PRICs released


QSF2.8 CAC PRICs Complete!

The final Price Specs for the QSF2.8 CAC Power Unit have been completed and are available for use in COLS.

CPP has also undergone a cost-reduction effort for the 2.8L package - both for the open and enclosed designs.  The original PRICs have been replaced by the new PRICs listed below but the options are still active for those OEMs that have taken the original 2.8L options and do not wish to integrate the latest 2.8L Power Unit design.

There are 3 PRICs released for open and enclosed units, each corresponding to the FR ratings available on the engine.  Below is a reference for the PRICs; these can also be viewed from the 2.8L Page.

 PRIC Unit HP Open / Enclosed
 8838  74   Open 
 8839  65  Open
 8840  49  Open
 9203  74  Enclosed
 9204  65  Enclosed
 9205  49  Enclosed

If you have any questions or inquiries about these units, please contact our North American sales team - Jake Koningswood or Tom Kubasta.



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